The Fredensborg Collection is committed to the environment and the communities that surround our properties.

Our core ethos is to run our operations in the most sustainable manner without compromising the guest experience.

Water and electricity are finite resources and we have implemented a number of systems and initiatives to ensure that we only use what is absolutely required.
  • All of our properties have power monitoring systems. We analyse usage in order to identify wastage and high consumption appliances.
  • We are in the process of fitting power management systems to our villas. This will ensure that high energy devices are regulated to avoid peaks and troughs in our consumption.
  • We are investigating solar power opportunities in Cape Town and France.
  • The lighting in all of our properties has been converted to low wattage LED.
  • Our staff are incentivised to "switch off" anything not in use. These savings are split between members of the team.
  • Gas is used for our kitchen hobs and fireplaces.
  • Temperature in the properties is managed by opening / closing doors and windows as opposed to overusing air conditioning and heating.
  • We have a strict reuse policy for water.
  • Grey water is used to irrigate gardens.
  • Implemented a linen reuse policy to cut down on unnecessary washing.
  • Dual flush toilets are installed in all of the bathrooms.
  • Low flow eco shower heads are installed in all of the bathrooms.
  • Water-less hand sanitizer is available as an alternative in our bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Water wise indigenous plants are used wherever possible in our landscaping.
  • All waste is separated and recyclable items are collected weekly.
  • Food waste is composted for use in our gardens.
  • Bokashi bins are in place for non compostable foods.
  • Garden waste is shredded and composted.
  • No excessive packaging is allowed by suppliers.
Charity and development
  • Condemned linen and toweling that is still functional is donated to local charities and shelters.
  • Significant monetary donations have been made to the Street Smart Foundation in South Africa.
  • Intensive training and upskilling is conducted with employees.